Haecceities Artworks

The artist discusses the use of visual language in the service of Essentialist Abstraction, and how an algorithm that he discovered for distributing repeated instances of a specification - or a Haecceity - in correlated sets of matrices solves the problems of number, figure and ground, distribution, and asymmetry that result from using written language on a two-dimensional surface. (For how Strayer uses the term Haecceity in Essentialist Abstraction see the video On Haecceities: Essentialism and the Limits of Abstraction.) The algorithmic solution of these problems raises challenging questions about such things as the subject-object relationship, parts and wholes, reference and identity, preservation of identity over time, and interpretation as it contributes to a complex Essentialist aesthetic that is both conceptual and perceptual.

Strayer also considers the use of circular language in the Haecceities Series, deductive specifications, participatory entities, and other issues of relevance to artworks of the series.